Christ Almighty

It only took us about 40mins to reach the Christ the Redeemer statue and some of the grandness of the experience was probably lost in the anticipation of the weeks-long lead up.
We took a taxi up and I enjoyed the drive through the forest as much as the actual destination. It also felt odd to be amid so many tourists after being secluded in the favela.

The usual method of transport to reach the Christ is the cog train which takes two hours and travels through the Tijuca Rainforest. The Tijuca National Park would have been an awesome experience, but alas by the time we were done it was night.

The Christ as I saw it from a rooftop of a neighbouring house.

On the way up.

Melissa, looking very sincere. Careful, she can be a real bitch if she so pleases hahaha

If you look closely at the top (in the centre) you will spy a large yellow building, to the right is the favela we lived in.

At last we reached the top!!

At the bottom is a silhouette, it's a miracle! Actually, it's my friend's son posing. Sorry all you believers.

A miracle! Shame on you if I fooled you twice hahaha