Life of the Night

Having sampled the nightlife I discovered something of paramount importance: men here can dance like there's no tomorrow, they move those hips like it’s their last night on earth.

First I visited the infamous Lapa district, a favourite spot for tourists which has a decidedly seedy flavour. The section we went to has portable bars set up on the street, along with food stations, and music blaring from every direction. There are a few indoor venues but the majority of the action takes place on the street. Basically, you stroll up and down the main stretch, get intoxicated and dance.
The Lapa area’s prominent feature is the Lapa Arches along the top of which the tram travels, at its terminus it is said to rival the vista you are awarded at the Sugar Loaf.

Another great nightspot is the Feira de Sao Cristovao or the ‘night markets’ as we called it and as the name suggests, there are stalls selling anything and everything. There is one main arena featuring live music and then a few smaller joints playing different types of Brazilian music, there’s even karaoke. It is comparable to a festival except that it takes place every weekend and it is the ultimate place to purchase souvenirs.

I also checked out Ipanema, which has all the gaudy features of areas that draw high numbers of tourists but it has its charms. Once we were inside the nightclub, though, it was precisely like being in a club in Sydney; there are even pubs in the region for those people who feel absolutely overwhelmed with homesickness.

Another great way to spend the evening is to attend a club where they play ‘funky’, which can be described as the Brazilian version of r’n’b, except there is more focus on drums rather than bass. Again, it’s a perfect opportunity to perve on all those wonderfully dancing male specimens.

I also felt that the attention from men was less intrusive then in Sydney and there wasn’t that maliciousness that is sometimes felt when men are under the influence of ‘pack mentality’.
In my experience, men in Rio were better mannered, had a better approach, and were gracious when they were turned down.

Moving amongst the hordes of people when out at night, I was always pleasantly surprised by how polite and tranquil people were. I felt I was indeed moving with the people rather then struggling upstream in a disconcerted crowd. There is a sense of well-wishing towards others that is lacking in Sydney and although the people of Rio are calmer by nature, they still possess that integral element: passion.

The notorious Lapa. Spiritedly sordid is how I felt it to be.

Feira de São Cristovão or the 'night markets' as we referred to them.

Pretty tame 'cos it was Sunday and raining.

Carole said she liked this one because it was like the colours of the rainbow. I don't remember sickly white being one of them though.

Silly boys.

Party on. I added the accessory (the hairclip).