Music: Let Your Body Follow

It is heartening to see that the majority of the music played in Brazil is native. The various states of Brazil each have their own style and rhythm but I think the Samba, which originates from Rio de Janeiro, reigns supreme.

Brazilian music has its roots in Africa and percussion is often the most significant component, with other instruments playing a less prominent role, apart from styles such as the renowned Bossa Nova.

A style that didn’t educe enthusiasm in me was Pé de Serra, which comes from rural regions. I found it to sound like a horse plowing along and I loathe the accordion, which is a major aspect of the music.

Pagode and Axe are cool styles, with the latter being less complicated; while Pagode actually colours much of my memories as I frequently heard this music when my bestfriend lived in Sydney.

Overall, the music is overwhelmingly uplifting; it is exceedingly rare to hear dark, sombre compositions.
In addition, live music appears to be much more popular than DJ’s, with the venues that I attended always featuring live bands.

Lastly, for all those challenged by the intricate rhythms of Brazilian music, just loosen your hips and let them slip from side to side. The rest of your body will follow, god-willing.